SARAH FRIEDLAND by Jordan Kisner

Friedland, in collaboration with artist Diane Zhou, formulated a new gestural alphabet --which Friedland could mix and match into different choreographic sequences-- drawn from genre films. Click below to see their work. 


How do flavors decay in the mouth? Can you "decompose" music? Does writing corrode? DECAY is a conceptual dinner party created by chef Evan Hanczor (Egg Brooklyn, author of the cookbook Breakfast) and author Heidi Julavits (The Folded Clock, The Vanishers.)

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Lora Faye by Jordan Kisner

A first glimpse at songs from a new album by the bold singer and composer Lora Faye, in a format we've never seen before: a concert mixed with a live critique, a free-form conversation between the band and a groups of critics, writers and performers about the process of putting together the album, the craft of songwriting, and the history of American music.

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