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We believe that times of political and social unrest demand bolder investment in free-thinking, independently-funded art and the people who make it.

We've taken a poet's collection and turned it into an installation complete with music, couture, and an indoor forest; staged a live, in-studio critique of a record in progress with musicologists and New York Magazine critics; put New York City Ballet in a loft in Red Hook; and created an experimental dinner party where everything was in a state of (delicious) decay. We've gone behind the scenes on a rescue boat in the Mediterranean; exploded a diary into an art gallery; and so much more.

Our work is funded by grants and gifts. In other words, we need you. Your contributions will be met with song, dance, and deep gratitude, and 100% of it will go toward supporting our artists and bringing their wild dreams to an audience. (Bonus: A donation of $50 or more includes a free Bellwether membership!) We'd also like to remind you that generosity is sexy, and by the way, that shirt looks great on you. 

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