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How does it work? 
We match up two artists for a quick, 48-hour collaboration, sort of like a two-day creative blind date. At HEAVEN, they present the results of that work before an audience of other artists (you!) for questions and friendly feedback. Their collaboration then becomes the prompt for an informal workshop + cocktail hour. Shy? Don't worry-- the workshop portion is super low-stakes. It's mostly a way to meet other people and see how the work presented that night might apply to your own practice. Just like with our bigger Bellwether events, this is a no-strings-attached way for artists to stretch their creative muscles. 

Do I have to be a professional artist? 
You should be a "practicing" artist, let's say. And we define artist very broadly -- from painters and writers to chefs and bookbinders. We like you all.

Can I bring other artist-friends? 
Please do!

Will you provide materials?
We'll provide paper and pens, possibly some odds & ends for inspiration, but it won't be much. The workspace is big and open, and you're welcome to bring your own creative tools (a camera, an instrument, etc). 

Will there be food? 
Nope. But there's a taco place down the street if you get peckish. 



Thanks to our friends at Egg for helping make this series possible, and to Brooklyn Brewery, for lovingly providing all the beer.